3 Simple Steps To Boost Navut Startup Growth

Navut Startup Growth Case Study | 8 mins read

Growth can and should happen faster for startups with an awesome product, but how to reach out the right audience before running out of time?

From time to time I find exciting products that resonate with me. Have you ever experience something similar? Navut is a marketplace that connects people relocating with local experts. 73% of Navut’s traffic is coming from SEO. This article will uncover how they are doing it, their SEO strategy and the quality of their traffic.

1. Top Keywords

Have you ever tried to drive with a steamed up windscreen? It is the age-old drivers’ nightmare. The same goes for marketers without data. To see where we are heading we need to get data. Data is the core of any successful marketing campaign.

We can understand Navut’s SEO strategy, competitors, and marketplace by looking at top content marketing posts and keywords phrases. This data will help us to make an educated guess on their business. We also know that Navut relocated to Canada a few years ago and their content marketing mainly focuses on Canada.

As you know, search engines marketplace changes from country to country. I use a free tool called StatCounter to stay up to date.

What are the top 4 keywords that are driving traffic to Navut’s website today?

Traffic Montreal - Navut

SEO Keywords For Navut startup on Traffic Montreal SEO keyword ranking - Traffic Montreal

Position: 12
Monthly Search Volume: 12,100
AVG. Visits: 125

Griffintown - Navut

SEO Keywords For Navut startup Griffintown SEO Keywords ranking - Griffintown

Position 13
Monthly Search Volume: 4,400
AVG. Visits: 54

Employment Agencies Toronto - Navut

SEO Keywords For Navut startup on Employment Agencies Toronto SEO Keywords ranking - Employment Agencies Toronto

Position: 11
Monthly Search Volume: 1,600
AVG. Visits: 26

Best Winter Jackets - Navut

SEO Keywords For Navut startup on Best Winter Jackets SEO Keywords ranking - Employment Agencies Toronto

Position: 5
Monthly Search Volume: 1,300
AVG. Visits: 18

Navut’s creative approach to SEO is interesting. This creative thinking works great on PPC and Facebook Ads campaigns where your feedback loop is fast, and you can also segment your audience. I feel they may be able to take their content marketing efforts a step further to increase their conversion rate.

There are not shortcuts for growth. Your product has to be great at solving customers’ problem. A fantastic way to build a solid product is through testing and iteration, but you need to generate enough traffic to validate those hypotheses. Content marketing could be an important part of your growth strategy, and for SAAS startups content marketing is an excellent way to educate customers and boost growth.

Small variations in growth rate produce qualitatively different outcomes.- Paul Graham

How to generate fresh ideas to get better traffic? This three content creation hacks can help you start the conversation.

  1. Create landing pages for your main features and target long tail keywords. We all know that long tail keywords get less search traffic, as they are longer and more specific but could have a higher conversion.

  2. Why not take advantage of frequent user questions and target them with your content marketing?

  3. Why not write about your competition? For example: why should someone switch from competitor A to your business?

2. How To Improve SEO Ranking

We can take Traffic Montreal as an example. What do we know about this keyword phrase?

Position: 12
Monthly Search Volume: 12,100
AVG. Visits: 125

Navut can double the AVG. Visits for this keyword by ranking two positions higher on the search results. Let’s see what can we learn from the top 6 search results.

SEO Keywords Ranking - Traffic Montreal Top 6 SEO Keyword Ranking For Traffic Montreal.

The top results are news related websites. What Navut should do to rank higher in this category? And what a startup can do to compete with news sites that are highly trusted by search engines, and also have 3 or 4 times more backlinks?

The following keywords are showing in the titles and meta descriptions of the top 6 search results.

  • Traffic
  • Webcams
  • Montreal

The search results have the keywords Traffic and Montreal in the title and meta description. We can also find Webcams keyword in the URL of the first and second search result.


Navut could take advantage of this opportunity by updating Avoid Montreal Traffic article and include tips, and information about traffic webcams.

We can also do more than just updating a post. We can rewrite the post title and meta descriptions using Google Search Console to help search engines better understand the content. The title could be changed to reflect our intentions as well. Maybe something like Montreal Traffic Tips and Webcams Info To Getting Home Earlier.

3. SEO Problems For Navut

Duplicate Content

The most notable SEO problem for Navut is duplicate content. Duplicate content works against SEO and organic growth. What is duplicate content? Duplicate content is content that appears in multiple URLs, and it makes difficult for search engines to decide which version is more appropriate to show in search results.

An obvious example of duplicate content is on Navut Calgary page.

Meta description

This meta description shows in 56 other pages.

Navut provides a set of online tools that helps people find the neighborhood that’s best for them and relocate easily, efficiently, and stress free.

Page title

The page title used in 26 other pages.

Find Your Next Neighborhood, Easily

Duplicate content used on eight other pages


Duplicate content damages your SEO efforts and could take some time to correct if your front-end or backend architecture gets on the way.


Create unique meta description and content for each page. Why not begin with your business goals in mind? Navut team may be interested in starting with a particular city or neighbourhood. This takes time but worth the effort.

Miss alt attributes

The alt attribute is used for search engines to understand what is in the image and to determine the context of the picture or topic. I found 141 images without alt attributes in Navut Blog. Four examples:



Write down ‪‬‬a relevant alt attribute for each image on the website and help blind or visually impaired people to better understand the context when using screen readers. Also, search engines will reward you for good user experience.

Blog DNS Problem & HTTP Redirect Issues

This problem is simple to solve with an HTTP redirect for www.blog.navut.com.

www - No access




Bonus: 3 Growth Hacking Ideas

1. Forums

Join forums where people is talking about Canada, visas, work. Engage with the community and maybe build a partnership with the forum.

This forum attracts 1.5M People per month. What are the most popular questions about moving to Canada? Why not create content on Navut’s Blog replying to these issues? You can also create freebies like spreadsheets or other useful material to share on the forum.

2. Q&A Site

Quora is a great medium to talk about visas and relocation. Wouldn’t be great to get active on questions related to visas Give advice, create checking list. Help them in the process. They can download the file from the site. They visit the site. They get extra info. They shop around.

3. Bundles and Infographics

Contact sites where you want their audience, not competitors. And create packages or infographics about visas or other cool info. Maybe about working in Canada. Three potential websites:


Startup growth is a moving target, and you need to be ready to go out and explore the territory. But before going into the wild make sure your SEO and analytics are in place, and your growth plan ready.